Qualifications and Skills

Here is a list of my Technical and Soft Skills, to view my Professional Experience and Certifications, please scroll down and click the related links.

Technical Skills

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, Mikrotik, Cisco IOS, NX-OS
  • Network Hardware: Cisco Meraki, Cisco Routers, Switches, Infoblox, F5, Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC), Foundry networks
  • Firewalls and Security:  FortiGate, UTMs, WAF, Cisco ASA, Firepower, Umbrella, ISE, IDS/IPS, Knowbe4, Barracuda Email GW/FRI, Rapid7 SIEM, Intune, Microsoft Defender (Endpoint, 365 apps, Cloud, Identity), EDR/XDR, Okta, Zero trust solutions (JIT, JEA, adaptive policies), DLP, Compliance, Information Protection, and Classification, Insider Risk Management. Azure Sentinel, SOAR. CASB. SASE. 
  • Protocols: STP, VTP, FHRP, LACP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, 802.1x, etc
  • Server / Storage Solutions: Cisco Nexus, Tegile, HP Server Packs, Blade Servers, SAN and NAS devices, Cloud-based storage solutions (Azure, AWS, Backupify)
  • LAN / WAN: SD-WAN, Technologies and Infrastructure Services
  • Network Management and Monitoring: Solarwinds, Riverbed, Zabbix, Moogsoft, CACTI, KIWI, SNMP/NetFlow tools, 
  • Virtualization / Cloud: VMware vSphere, vCenter, Private Cloud technologies, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Azure AD, Intune/Endpoint Manager, M365 management (Teams, OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint).
  • Scripting: PowerShell, Bash Scripting, Automation, and Orchestration using Ansible 
  • VoIP/IP-PBX: Asterisk, Issable, Cisco, Cloud-based IP-PBX, MS Teams Integration
  • Deep Knowledge of regulations and Frameworks: HIPAA, SOX, GxP, COBIT, NIST
  • AI and ML: Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900), Ability to research Emerging Technologies in support of security enhancement, development efforts, and business intelligence opportunities.
  • Enterprise Architecture: TOGAF

Language Skills

  • English: Bilingual full Proficiency
  • Persian/Farsi: Native Proficiency
  • French: Limited Working Proficiency

Other Skills/Soft Skills

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills 
  • Good analytical abilities
  • Passionate to learn new topics.
  • IT/ICT Problem Solving (PS) abilities.
  • Active listener. confident, patient, and polite. 
  • Adaptive to environment
  • Strategic thinker

Putting it all together!

Whether it’s fortifying cybersecurity with a Defense-in-Depth approach or architecting robust enterprise infrastructure and IT platforms, the plethora of technologies, vendors, and options available can be overwhelming. The key to avoiding unnecessary complexity and resource wastage lies in ensuring Solution Alignment and Technical Positioning. This strategic approach involves setting up, deploying, and developing technology in a way that allows for swift adaptation to emerging scenarios, tailored to your company’s growth trajectory.

When technology is strategically aligned with business objectives, it becomes a central driver of success, eliminating obstacles and enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, staying informed about technological trends such as AI and automation can significantly boost efficiency, and productivity, and reduce operational costs.

In my experience when architecting technology, the following key points must be taken into consideration to guarantee success and proper alignment:

  • Strategic Financial Management & Planning
  • Cultivating Talent & Fostering a Positive Culture
  • Encouraging Growth & Fostering Innovation
  • Leveraging Data & Advanced Technologies

My Personal ‘Insight Discovery’

Drawing on the comprehensive research by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, Insights Discovery provides a framework for self-awareness and personal growth. Understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial, as it enables individuals to devise effective strategies for interaction and better adapt to environmental demands.

During my tenure as an IT manager, our company engaged in an extensive ‘Insight Discovery’ process. This evaluation was instrumental in identifying and understanding potential areas for improvement and recognizing strengths.

Below, I share the ‘Weaknesses and Strengths’ identified from my personal analysis.



Value to the Team:

I also have my ‘Management Style’ on the ‘My Leadership Style‘ page.