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Kariz Podcast

Philosophy and literature are my passions, serving as both a fascination and a safe haven in modern life. From the masterpieces of Persian poetry to the brilliant works of existential philosophers and writers, I deeply value reading and contemplating these thoughts. I produce and voice a podcast called Kariz, through which I hope to share my interest with Persian-speaking friends across the globe. The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to literature and philosophy, and it is available on various platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

Kariz podcast is not IT-related and it’s in the Persian/Farsi language,

Latest episode:


0 – The gods of writing
1 – Heart of Darkness – Novella by Joseph Conrad
2 – The Art of Happiness – 14th Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler
3 – Dreaming of BabylonRichard Brautigan
4 – Ivanov  Anton Chekhov
5 – The Man Who Laughs – Victor Hugo
6 – Arthur Schopenhauer
7 – Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow – William Shakespeare
8 – Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl
9 – Nekrasov – JeanPaul Sartre
10 – The Library of Babel – Jorge Luis Borges
11 – Style – Charles Bukowski
12 – The Unknown Masterpiece – Honoré de Balzac
13 – En attendant Godot – Samuel Beckett
14 – Cari-kalamator, or word-caricature – Parviz Shapour
15 – Bioshock
16 – What You Missed That Day You Were Absent… – Brad Aaron Modlin
17 – Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

Technical Translation and writing:

I perceive “technical translation” as a means to disseminate and democratize knowledge by making it accessible to a new audience.
While translation is often viewed as a linguistic activity, it also serves as a gateway between different cultures. This is why the concept of “cultural translation” has gained prominence, highlighting the significant role of culture in translation and the translators as ‘cultural mediators’.
Translation is not limited to linguistic activity but is also crucial in the field of philosophy and literature. The Cambridge Handbook of Translation argues for the central importance of translation to philosophy, emphasizing that philosophy is ‘born translated’ and constantly renews itself through translation1. Similarly, the translation of philosophy and literature is a specialized field due to its inherent specificities, involving conventions and priorities that need to be understood before being translated.
Therefore, whether in the realm of technical, literary, or philosophical translation, the act of translation goes beyond language and encompasses cultural nuances, making it a vital tool for knowledge dissemination and intercultural understanding.

Published works:

  • Original writing: A Novel Ticket-Based Algorithm (TBA) Using Timestamp to Detect Multi-Source Sybil Attacks in VANETs
  • Original writing: Fundamental elements of Cybersecurity training and awareness
  • Original writing: Virtualization benefits and How-Tos articles – published in “Nasl-e-Farda” newspaper
  • Translation: La Jalousie du Barbouillé – Porsesh Publishing · Oct 11, 2019
    • French drama – 17th century
    • French to Farsi/Persian translation.
  • Translation: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Porseh Publications · Jan 1, 2017


Jackson Pollock said about his paintings that they are “Energy and motion made visible; memories arrested in space!”

I got interested in painting (or in my case just ink splattering!), by watching how the artist Ralph Steadman, a British artist, and cartoonist, works in his studio, Ralph Steadman particularly through his long-term partnership with the American journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson and with the chaotic and expressive visuals he pictures satirical and thought-provoking images. Steadman’s direct and impulsive drawing style, along with his chaotic and expressive visuals, is truly inspiring!

Here are a few of my paintings:

Other Activities and Interests

  • Moralities of Everyday Life via Coursera – Yale University
  • How To Change The World via Coursera – Wesleyan University
  • Social Enterprise: Ideas Into Action via FutureLearn – Middlesex Business School
  • How to Validate Your Idea via Coursera – UNSW Australia 
  • Threat Modeling: Information Disclosure in Depth via LinkedIn Learning
  • Deeply Practical Project Management via Udemy
  • Strategic Cybersecurity Management and Leadership via AttackIQ
  • Agile Project Leadership via LinkedIn 
  • Change Leadership via LinkedIn 
  • Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900) via CBTNuggets
  • Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders via LinkedIn

For information about my professional/IT-related activities please visit the links below: